All of these photographs have been taken by me.

Oak Trees

English oak is very common throughout Europe.

Oak Tree Facts

  1. Can be evergreens or deciduous.
  2. Acorns are the fruit of oak tree.
  3. Oak trees can make nearly 100 acorns a year.
  4. Not many acorns will be grow. Most are picked by animals.
  5. It takes 20 years for an acorn to grow into a tree that can make acorns.
  6. Oak trees can live for 100s of years.

Ash Trees

Beech Trees

Birch Trees

Cyprus Trees

Hazel Trees

Holly Trees

Larch Trees

Willow Trees

Willow tree facts:

Willow trees are deciduous.

Raindrops falling to the ground from drooping branches of willows look like tears. this is how weeping willows got their name.

Willow have very strong roots roots. They can damage drains, sewers and pavements. You mustn’t plant them near your house.

Willow can easily reproduce from broken twigs and leaves.

Sycamore Trees

Yew Trees

My Favourite Trees In Dawlish

Dawlish is place in Devon. It is famous because of the black swans, the golf course, the train and the sea. Dawlish also has lots of beautiful trees. Can you name these Dawlish trees?

Tree Paintings

I also have some tree paintings. Would you like to see them?